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Yossi Stern asked:

The last part of the Baraisa on 6a states that Hoshata, according to Ben Azzai, is permissible. This case is dealing with a reshus hayachid and a reshus harabim with a Makom petur( Biblicaly, but it's a karmelis Rabbinically)in the middle. How is the case of hoshata brought in over here if the whole concept of hoshata is dealing with 2 reshus hayachids and a reshus harabim in the middle?

Yossi Stern, Lawrence,NY

The Kollel replies:

Your question is unclear. The Beraisa in the middle of the page refers to Moshit in the way that you describe it (only there is no Makom P'tur in that case).

Both the Tana Kama and ben Azai agree there that someone who hands over an object from a Reshus ha'Yachid to a Reshus ha'Rabim via a Karmelis (Hoshatah) is Chayav.

In fact, Hoshatah has two different connotations. One is factual, the other, a Halachic term.

Our Sugya is referring to to the former. It is a method of transporting an article from one Reshus to another (which by the way, is also the case in our Mishnah), and which is no less Chayav than carrying it or throwing it from one Reshus to another.

What you are referring to is a Halachaic type of 'Hoshatah' (where one is Chayav if one hands it across from one Reshus Hayachid to another along a Reshus ha'Rabim), but not if one transports it in any other way.

R. Eliezer Chrysler