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Avraham Abraham asked:

On 2 occasions you quote the Hagahos Yaavetz. However I have not been able to find him - at least not at the back of the Gemara. Please help. With many thanks

The Kollel replies:

It may be appear in different places, depending on what printing of the Vilna Shas you are using. In most printings of Maseches Shabbos, you can find the Hagahos Ya'avetz about 7 pages before the beginning of the Rif, after almost all of the other commentaries in back of the Gemara. It is right before the Yefeh Einayim. By the way, it is usually not titled "Hagahos Ya'avetz," but rather it is spelled out completely, "Hagahos v'Chidushim l'Maseches Shabbos... Yakov Emden zt'l bhg'm Zvi Ashkenazi zt'l".

If you still can't find it, let me know what printing you are using.

Yisrael Shaw