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Zev asks:

What does Pilpalta Bechochma really mean? What does Hevanta Davar Mitoch Davar really mean?

Zev, Waterbury CT

The Kollel replies:

Dear Zev,

In the Mesivta edition of Maseches Shabbos they are translated (in Hebrew) as follows.

Pilpalta b'Chochmah

(a) Was your Pilpul in Torah with wisdom and not of Hevel (Maharsha);

(b) Have you achieved knowledge of Hash-m, which is the epitome of wisdom (Moreh Nevuchim 3:54);

(c) Have you worked hard answer questions and clarify the Halachos of the Torah (Be'er Sheva, Horiyos 14a);

(d) Have you mastered both knowledge of the Torah, i.e. Girsa, and understanding the Torah, i.e. Sevara (Sefer Benayahu of the Ben Ish Chai).

Hevanta Davar Mitoch Davar

This seems to mean, "Have you obtained a deep enough level of understanding the Torah that you will be able to apply the precept in other situations?"

All the best, Reuven Weiner