Rafi Magid asked:

From Outlines:

R. Yehudah: A case occurred; R. Tarfon forbade eggs

cooked with the meat.

(b) Chachamim: Yes; but this is only when he said 'this


1. If someone forbids a food, and it gets mixed with

other food - if the forbidden food can be tasted,

the mixture is forbidden.

(c) One who vows from wine is permitted a dish which has wine

in it;

The Ran discuss about DAVAR SHEYESH LO MATIRIN. In Yevamot 81 (mention in the Ran) it seems that onlu something dan be counted is "not batel berov" (7 things broghut there). So, tHE Question is just about somehing counted, isn't it? (If so, maybe we can explain the Rif and saying that the SMELL is something can't be counted and that is the reason for not batel?

The Kollel replies:

Davar she'Yesh Lo Matirin and Davar shebi'Minyan are two different concepts, both of which are not Batel like other things normally would be. Each one individually is enough to make something not Batel (see Beitzah 3b where this is quite clear from the Gemara).

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