12th Cycle dedication

CHULIN 65 (30 Av) - Today's study material has been dedicated by Al and Sophie Ziegler of Har Nof, Yerushalayim, in honor of the Yahrzeit of Al's father Bernard B. Ziegler, Binyamin Baruch ben Avraham (and Miryam), which occurs on 30 Menachem Av.


WHAT IS CALLED 'MIN HAMUKAF' (IN CLOSE PROXIMITY)? (Yerushalmi Terumos Perek 2 Halachah 1 Daf 9b)

היו שני עיגולין אחד מקצתו טמא ואחד מקצתו טהור מהו שיתרום מזה על זה


Question: If there were two fig cakes - both of which were partially Tamei and partially Tahor; may one separate from one for the other?

ייבא כהדא היו לפניו שני כריים אחד הפריש ממנו מקצת תרומות ומעשרות ואחד הפריש ממנו מקצת תרומות ומעשרות מהו שיתרום מזה על זה


Let's compare it to a later question - (the Mishnah says at the beginning of the 4th Perek) if there were two piles, each of which had part of its Terumos and Maaseros taken, may one separate from one for the other?

תלמידוי דרבי חייא רובה שאלון לרבי חייא רובה ואמר לון הכסיל חובק את ידיו ואוכל את בשרו


The students of R. Chiya the Great asked him this question. He quoted them the pasuk (Koheles 4:5), "The fool folds his arms and eats his own flesh". (The fool suffers unnecessarily because he is unable to resolve his doubts. Certainly the answer to the question is that it is prohibited!)

רבי לעזר בשם רבי חייא רבה אין תורמין ומעשרין מזה על זה.


(R. Elazar citing R. Chiya the Great): One may not separate from one for the other.

הרי שהביא מינין הרבה בקופה וכרוב מלמעלן וכרוב מלמטן ודבר אחר באמצע אין תורמין ולא מעשרין מזה על זה הדא דתימא בשאין שם חלל אבל אם יש שם חלל תורמין ומעשרין מזה על זה.


(Tosefta): When a number of different species were brought in a box, one may not separate Terumos and Maaseros from the lower cabbage for the upper cabbage, since there is another species in between them. But if there is just airspace between them, he may separate from one for the other.

כל בית הגיתות אחד כל בית הגרנות אחד


(Tosefta): All wine that is in the area of the winepress is considered in close proximity (for the requirement of separating 'Min HaMukaf'). All produce that is in the area of the threshing floor is considered in close proximity. (If there are piles of produce in each corner, they are viewed as one pile for separating.)

תני אמר רבי יודה והוא שתהא תופסת הגורן באמצע


(Baraisa) (R. Yehuda): As long as produce still remains in the middle.

עד כדון חיטין אפילו קש ואפילו תבן


Question: This applies if there is still wheat in the middle, but what about mere stubble and straw? (The Gemara leaves this question unanswered.)

רבי חגיי בעי קומי רבי יוסי היה טמא באמצע


Question (R. Chagai to R. Yosi): What if there was Tamei produce in the middle (and at the edges of the threshing floor were the Tahor grains)? (Are the grains around the edges considered to be in close proximity?)

א"ל והיינו (נושו)[נושך]


Answer (R. Yosi): Can you consider it as if the Tahor piles are 'biting' into each other (i.e. in close proximity - certainly not)?!

חברייא בעון קומי רבי יוסי היתה מפה באמצע


Question (Chevraya to R. Yosi): If there was a sheet separating the central pile and the piles on the edge, is it still considered in close proximity?

אמר לון והיינו חמשה שקין בגורן


Answer (R. Yosi): That's like the case of 5 sacks on the threshing floor...

דתני חמשה שקין בגורן [דף י עמוד א] אין תורמין ומעשרין מזה על זה.


(Baraisa): If there are 5 sacks of produce on the threshing floor, one may not separate Terumah from one for another.