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I can hear only one out of the two daily Mishnayos!

The second Mishnah is listed in the playlist and will play automatically after the first one finishes. Have patience! There might be a 5 second gap between the end of the first Mishnah and beginning of the second.

Note that the length displayed in the player reflects the length of the Mishnah you are listening to, not the combined length of the two Mishnayos recordings.

The two daily Mishnayos play out of order...

Many players have a "Shuffle" feature that can play the recordings in the playlist out of order. Disable it, and the Mishnayos will play in order.

For example, if you are using Windows Media Player, go to the "Play" menu and unclick the "Shuffle" option.

Can I download the MP3's to listen to on my player?

Yes. If you are on the page which displays the Mishnah Yomis schedule for this week, just right-click on the link to the Mishnah that you want to download, and choose "Save As" or "Save target as".

To download Rabbi Elimelech Kornfeld's recordings, and any other available study-material, for any Mishnah that you choose use our Mishnah Finder on the bottom of each "Mishnah Yomis Weekly Schedule" page including the Mishnah homepage.

Is there a video version of the Shiur?

No, there is not. If you think such a version would be appreciated, please let us know .

Can I study one Mishnah, or 3, per day?

You certainly can. Go to any Mishnah in Shas from our Mishnah homepage.