[53a - 53 lines; 53b - 52 lines]

*********************GIRSA SECTION*********************

We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach and the marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any other important corrections that Acharonim have pointed out in the Gemara, Rashi and Tosfos.

[1] Gemara 53a [line 10]:

The words "Hach Isura Azal Lei" הך אסורא אזל ליה

should be "Hach d'Isura Azal Lei" הך דאסורא אזל ליה (Dikdukei Sofrim #100 and Beis Nasan)

[2] Hagahos Rebbi Akiva Eiger 53a DH Rashi:

The words "v'Nishmaso Yotzei" ונשמתו יוצא

should be "Nishmaso Yotzei" נשמתו יוצא

[3] Gemara 53b [line 12]:

"Tanu Rabanan, Gechalim Lochashos" תנו רבנן גחלים לוחשות

Perhaps these words should be

"d'Tanu Rabanan, Gechalim Lochashos" דתנו רבנן גחלים לוחשות (with no colon) (M. KORNFELD)


1)[line 2]חיהCHAYAH- a woman who recently gave birth

2)[line 5]עששיתASHASHIS- (O.F. lanterne) a lantern

3)[line 10]הך איסורא אזל ליהHACH (ISURA) [D'ISURA] AZAL LAH- the forbidden flame has gone away

4)[line 13]שלהבתSHALHEVES- a flame (by itself, without a coal, e.g. if one smears a drop of oil on a pottery shard that is smaller than the size required for transgressing the prohibition of Hotza'ah, and lights it)

5)[line 15]אתוספתא דהתיראA'TOSEFTA D'HETEIRA- on the additional light which is permitted (since no Melachah was done to it)

6)[line 16]עמוד ראשוןAMUD RISHON- the first flame

7)[line 24]אקרי ונקיטIKRI V'NAKIT- it happens that he may take hold [of a flame so close to nightfall]

8)[line 25]כפי הכבשןK'FI HA'KIVSHAN- like the size of the opening of a furnace for making lime

9)[line 31]חזנאCHAZANA- the sexton, the attendant who sees to the needs of the Beis ha'Keneses or the Beis ha'Midrash, who lives in the building

10)[line 32]סהראSAHARA- moon

11)[line 36]מרפא!MARPEI!- Recovery! A wish uttered to a person who sneezes

12)[line 39]כל שמוציאין לפניו ביום ובלילהKOL SHE'MOTZI'IN L'FANAV BA'YOM UVA'LAILAH- any corpse for whom a light is carried in front of the bier to honor him, whether his funeral is during the day or during the night

13)[line 41]זוהמאZUHAMA- filth

14)[line 43]בשםBASAM- a perfume or spice dealer

15)[line 45]וניתו ונזבון מיניהV'NEISU V'NIZBUN MINEI- why don't they should come and buy from him?

16)[line 48]מקטרות לכשפיםMEKATROS L'CHESHAFIM- offer incense for purposes of witchcraft

17)[line 49]לגמר את הכליםL'GAMER ES HA'KELIM- to add fragrance to clothes

18)[last line]נתרצה להריחNISRATZEH L'HARI'ACH- if he consciously smelled


19)[line 6]פנסPANAS- a lantern made from pottery

20)[line 6]שלהבתSHALHEVES- a flame

21)[line 11]עמיא ואזלאAMYA V'AZLA- it is getting dimmer and dimmer (and goes out before he has a chance to use it)

22a)[line 12]לוחשותLOCHASHOS- glowing

b)[line 12]אוממותOMEMOS- dying coals that are getting dimmer and dimmer

c)[line 14]אוממות או עוממותOMEMOS O OMEMOS?- is Omemos spelled with an Alef or an Ayin?

23)[line 14]"ארזים לא עממוהו בגן אלקים""ARAZIM LO AMEMUHU B'GAN ELOKIM"- "the cedars in the garden of HaSh-m did not obscure it" (Yechezkel 31:8) - The word "Amemuhu" (obscure it) is spelled with the letter Ayin, proving that Omemos should also be spelled with an Ayin.

24a)[line 16]איסרISAR- the Roman coin known as an "'As," which is the equivalent of 1/24 of a Dinar (see Background to Kerisus 10:9, "Currency")

b)[line 16]פונדיוןPUNDEYON- Dupondium, a Roman coin that is worth two Isarin (see Background ibid.)

25)[line 16]מלוזמאMELUZMA- (a) a weight (RASHI); (b) a coin (ARUCH)

26)[line 17]אדבי אדא דיילאAD'VEI ADA DAILA- [on the light] that is in the house of Ada Daila

27)[line 18]אין מחזרין על האורEIN MECHAZRIN AL HA'OR- one need not search for a light (if he does not know where one is)

28)[line 24]הבירהHA'BIRAH- a large building

29)[line 26]ארנקיARNEKI- a change purse; money bag

30)[line 29]שיירתאSHAYARTA- a caravan

31)[line 29]אשתליISHTELI- he did not remember

32)[line 29]אנשאיANSHA'I- I forgot

33)[line 32]מתיליMESILEI- that is compared

34)[line 33]"כנפי יונה נחפה בכסף ואברותיה בירקרק חרוץ""KANFEI YONAH NECHPAH VA'KESEF, V'EVROSEHA B'YERAKRAK CHARUTZ"- "the wings of a dove covered with silver, and her pinions (limbs of the wing) with yellow gold (Tehilim 68:14)

35)[line 35]עכולIKUL- digestion

36)[line 42]חטוף ובריךCHATOF U'VRICH- grab and say the blessing

37)[line 44]השמים כן הואHA'SHAMAYIM KEN HU- [I swear by] the Heavens [that] it is correct

38)[line 44]גולייריןGULYARIN- soldiers' boys; common soldiers

39)[line 45]מתגריןMISGARIN- start a war

40)[line 48]בעידן מפטרייהוB'IDAN MIFTERAIHU- the time that they read the Maftir section of the Torah and the Haftarah from the Nevi'im