[18a - 52 lines; 18b - 16 lines]

1a)[line 5]דהני קשו לכותלHANEI KASHU L'KOSEL- these are harmful to a wall

b)[line 10]דמתונתא קשה לכותלMETUNTA KASHEH L'KOSEL- dampness is harmful to a wall

c)[line 14]דטירייא קשה לכותלTIRAYA KASHEH L'KOSEL- (O.F. estoner) vibrations are harmful to a wall

d)[line 19]דהבלא קשה לכותלHEVLA KASHEH L'KOSEL- heat is harmful to a wall

2a)[line 20]נחתומיןNACHTOMIN- bakers

b)[line 21]צַבָּעִיןTZABA'IN- dyers

3)[line 21]אוצרוOTZARO- a storage loft

4)[line 21]רפת בקרREFES BAKAR- a cowshed

5)[line 23]דיקא נמיDEIKA NAMI- this is also implied [by the Beraisa]

6)[line 27]כדי עבודת הכרםKEDEI AVODAS HA'KEREM- an open area, four Amos in width around a vineyard, which is needed since it was their custom to plow this area, and which was used during the harvest season for the pickers' wagons to drive alongside the vineyard

7)[line 30]דמפסיק צונמאMAFSIK TZUNMA- [where] a rock or very hard soil separates [the field from the place where the person wants to plant the tree]

8)[line 34]מעמיק להן שלשה טפחיםMA'AMIK LAHEN SHELOSHAH TEFACHIM- he may cut off the roots that have entered his field to a depth of three Tefachim

9)[line 34]שלא יעכב המחרישהSHE'LO YE'AKEV HA'MACHAREISHAH- so that they do not hinder the plow

10)[line 35]מאי בעו התםMAI BA'U HASAM?- What are they doing there (i.e. how could they get through)?

11)[line 45]המשרהMISHRAH- a soaking pond for flax

12a)[line 45]הירקYEREK- vegetables

b)[line 46]הכרישיןKEREISHIN- (O.F. porels) - garden leeks (Allium porrum)

c)[line 46]הבצליןBETZALIN- onions

d)[line 46]החרדלCHARDAL- mustard plants

13)[line 51]הרחק חרדלך מן דבוראיHARCHEK CHARDALCHA MIN DEVORAI- Keep your mustard plants away from my bees

14)[last line]לגלוגי חרדלאיLIGLUGEI CHARDELAI- (a) flowers of my mustard plants (RASHI to Bava Basra 25b); (b) seeds of my mustard plants (ARUCH); (c) branches of my mustard plants (RI, cited in TOSFOS DH Liglugei)


15)[line 3]משרא וירקאMISHRA V'YARKA- the flax-soaking pool [from the vegetable patch] and the leeks [from the onions]

16)[line 4]על המזיק להרחיק את עצמוAL HA'MAZIK L'HARCHIK ES ATZMO

It is incumbent upon the one who causes damage to keep his damaging property away from any place where it may inflict damage.

17a)[line 10]אי בבינתאIY B'VINISA,- if we are referring to the seeds (a) on the plants; (b) in the ground,

b)[line 10]לא משכחא ליהLO MASHKECHA LEI- they will not find them (a) because the pods become hard; (b) because they are buried in the ground

18a)[line 10]אי בטרפאIY B'TARFA,- if we are referring to the leaves,

b)[line 10]הדר פאריHADAR PAREI- they will grow back