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1. All Korbanos require Nesachim with the exception of a Bechor, Ma'aser, Pesach, Chatas, and Asham.
2. If one brings the offspring or the Temurah of a Korban, or an Olah which was bought from Mosar, he must also bring Nesachim.
3. If an Asham was sent out to pasture and was subsequently brought as an Olah, it requires Nesachim.
4. The Chatas and Asham of a Metzora require Nesachim.
5. An Olas Yoledes, and the eleventh animal which came out of the barn for Ma'aser and was called "Asiri," require Nesachim.
6. The Ayil of Aharon brought on Yom Kippur requires Nesachim.
7. If one makes a Neder to bring an Ayil or a Keves, and he brings a Pilgas (a lamb in its thirteenth month), he must bring the Nesachim of an Ayil, but he does not fulfill his Neder.
8. Bar Pada maintains that if one brings a Pilgas for a Korban, he must bring the Nesachim of an Ayil conditionally, because there is a doubt about whether it is a Keves or an Ayil.
9. Although the Torah differentiates between the Nesachim of a Keves and the Nesachim of an Ayil, there is no difference between those of an Egel and those of a Par, or between those of a Kivsah and those of a Rechelah.


1. Even a Korban Todah and an Ayil Nazir, which require bread, also require Nesachim.
2. If money was designated for Nesachim and some of the money was leftover, it is used for Olos Kayitz ha'Mizbe'ach, and the Olos are brought with Nesachim.
3. If the owner of an Asham died, or attained atonement with a different Korban, the Asham is sent out to a pasture and sold. The proceeds are used for an Olah. If the Korban is brought as an Olah without being sold, it is valid b'Di'eved and requires Nesachim.
4. If the ninth animal which came out of the barn was called "Asiri" (the tenth), and the tenth was called "Teshi'i" (the ninth), and the eleventh was called "Asiri" (the tenth), the eleventh is brought as a Shelamim and requires Nesachim, even though a Korban Ma'aser does not require Nesachim.
5. However, all other Chata'os and Ashamos, including the Chatas and Asham of a Nazir, do not require Nesachim.
6. Even though it is a Korban Yachid brought at a set time, it requires Nesachim.
7. According to Rebbi Yochanan, a Pilgas is too old to be a Keves and too young to be an Ayil. Therefore, one does not fulfill his Neder with it, but it nevertheless requires the Nesachim of an Ayil.
8. According to Bar Pada, a Pilgas is a Safek and, therefore, one must bring the Nesachim of an Ayil on condition that if it is a Keves, the extra Nesachim will be a Nedavah, and if it is an Ayil, this is its Nesachim.
9. There is also no difference between the Nesachim of a young and the Nesachim of an old goat.

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