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BERACHOS 64 (18 Tishrei) - The Siyum of Berachos for the 13th cycle has been dedicated by Reb Tuvya Marcus and family (Baltimore/Yerushalayim) in honor of the Yahrzeit of his father, Binyomin Leib ben Aharon Marcus z'l.


1. Whoever tries to force himself to rise to greatness or wealth before it is his time will be pushed aside.
2. This rule (#1) is illustrated by Rav Yosef's allowing Rabah to become the Rosh Yeshivah before him.
3. It is meritorious to participate in a meal which a Torah scholar is attending.
4. When a person wishes his friend a good journey, he should say, "Lech l'Shalom," and not, "Lech b'Shalom."


1. Similarly, whoever refrains from accepting such a position will end up being highly successful.
2. Rav Yosef ended up living a longer life, and he became the Rosh Yeshivah after Rabah died.
3. This is considered as though one is basking in the light of the Shechinah, as the verse states that the meal in which Moshe and Aharon participated was "before Elokim."
4. This is derived from Yisro who wished Moshe, "Lech l'Shalom," when he returned to Egypt. David wished Avshalom, "Lech b'Shalom," and Avshalom subsequently was killed by Yoav.

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