Friday, Kesuvos 32
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Summary of the Daf
One is not punished with both Malkus and a monetary obligation.

A man does not pay a penalty for raping or seducing a Bogeres (a girl above twelve and a half), but he does pay for Boshes and Pegam.
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A man who rapes or seduces a Shotah does not have to pay for Boshes or Pegam.

A person who seduces an orphan does not have any obligation to pay.
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Ula: If there is both a monetary Chiyuv and a Chiyuv Malkus, the monetary Chiyuv applies and not the Chiyuv Malkus.

A person who wounds his friend must pay five payments.
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Edim Zomemim are obligated to pay even though they do not receive any Hasra'ah (warning).

Rebbi Yochanan: If there is both a monetary Chiyuv and a Chiyuv Malkus, the punishment of Malkus applies and not the monetary obligation.

One who wounds his friend and causes less than a Perutah's worth of damage is punished with Malkus.
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Rebbi Meir: If Edim Zomemim attempted to falsely obligate someone to pay 200 Zuz, they must pay, and they receive Malkus. Chachamim: They are not punished with two punishments.
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Brief Insight

The Gemara is in doubt about whether paying money is more stringent or less stringent than punishment with lashes. Tosfos asks, if paying is a more lenient punishment, then why does a person have to pay money when he wounds his friend, instead of receiving Malkus? Why should he be given the less severe punishment? Tosfos answers that the Torah is more concerned with the victim's recovery of the damages that were incurred than with punishing the perpetrator.


Quick Halachah

Edim Zomemim do not require Hasra'ah. Edim who are contradicted and subsequently made into Edim Zomemim receive the punishment of Misah, Malkus, or Mamon, because being contradicted is the beginning of the Hazamah, but the Hazamah is not yet completed. (Rambam, Hilchos Edus 18:4)
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