Revach L'Daf
Tuesday, Chulin 21

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  • Summary of the Daf
  • The Melikah of a bird is done by cutting the spinal cord and the neck bone, without cutting through the majority of the flesh.
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  • According to the Rabanan, the Kohen must sever both Simanim completely when he performs the Melikah of an Olas ha'Of. Rebbi Elazar b'Rebbi Shimon maintains that the majority of the two Simanim must be cut.
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  • If a person's neck bone is broken together with most of its flesh, he is considered dead and conveys Tum'as Ohel.
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  • If a person is torn apart from the back like a fish, he conveys Tum'as Ohel.
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  • If an animal is cut into two, or if its thigh was completely removed and the cavity can be seen, it conveys Tum'as Neveilah.
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  • If the head of a Sheretz was severed, it conveys Tum'ah even if it is still moving.
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  • A Chatas and an Olas ha'Of may be brought only from Chulin.
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  • Rebbi Yishmael maintains that the Melikah of both a Chatas ha'Of and an Olas ha'Of is done from the back of the neck, but the Melikah of a Chatas ha'Of is done by cutting only one Siman, while the Melikah of an Olas ha'Of is done by cutting both Simanim.
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The current Seder Kodshim has been dedicated לעילוי נשמות
Rebbetzin Henie Meisels and her mother Rebbetzin Hinda Tress ע"ה
The David ben Aharon Ha'Levi Rosenwald


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