Sunday, Zevachim 37
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Summary of the Daf
The leftover blood of a Korban after the placement of the blood on the Mizbe'ach must be poured on the Yesod of the Mizbe'ach.
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If the blood of a Korban which needs to be thrown on the Mizbe'ach is poured on the Mizbe'ach instead, the Korban is valid. Rebbi Akiva disagrees.
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According to one Tana's understanding of the view of Rebbi Yishmael, the blessing recited on the Korban Pesach covers the Korban Chagigah which is brought with the Pesach, but not vice versa. Rebbi Akiva disagrees.
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Even a Bechor Ba'al Mum is given to the Kohen.
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The Temurah of a Bechor or Ma'aser Behemah, and their offspring, are not brought on the Mizbe'ach. They are eaten by the owner after they develop a Mum.
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If a Temurah was made from a Korban Pesach after Pesach, it is brought on the Mizbe'ach. If the Temurah was made prior to Pesach, it is not brought on the Mizbe'ach.
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If the blood of a Korban was placed on the Mizbe'ach at least once, b'Di'eved it suffices even for a Korban Chatas, according to Beis Hillel. Beis Shamai disagrees.
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