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Yoma Chart #15

Yoma Dafim 20-70

(We have only recorded the place of the Avodah when it          
     differs from the place in which the previous Avodah was performed)  
     AVODAH                                    PLACE                     
     ______                                    _____                     
1) Terumas ha'Deshen                           Mizbe'ach ha'Chitzon      
----------------FIRST TEVILAH (changes to "GOLD" garments)---------------
2) FIRST TEVILAH                               Sha'ar ha'Mayim           
   Donning of eight "gold" garments(10)                                  
   Kidush Yadayim v'Raglayim(1)                Azarah(11)                
3) AVODAS HA'TAMID                                                       
   Shechitas ha'Tamid                          North of the Mizbe'ach    
   Kabalas ha'Dam                                                        
   Holachas ha'Dam                                                       
   Zerikas ha'Dam(2)                           Mizbe'ach ha'Chitzon      
   Hatavas ha'Neros (first five Neros)         Heichal                   
   Haktaras ha'Ketores                                                   
   Hatavas ha'Neros (last two Neros)                                     
   Haktaras Evarim                             Mizbe'ach ha'Chitzon      
   Minchas Nesachim                                                      
   Nisuch ha'Yayin                                                       
4) OFFERING OF FIRST PART OF MUSAFIM(4)                                  
   Offering of seven sheep of Musafim                                    
   Offering of Par ha'Olah                                               
----------------SECOND TEVILAH (changes to "WHITE" garments)-------------
5) SECOND TEVILAH                              Beis ha'Parvah            
   Kidush Yadayim v'Raglayim                                             
   Removal of eight "gold" garments                                      
   Tevilah in Mikvah                                                     
   Donning of four linen garments                                        
   Kidush Yadayim v'Raglayim                                             
6) FIRST TWO VIDUYIM                                                     
   First Viduy (on Par Kohen Gadol)            NW of Azarah, near Ulam   
   Goralos (Se'ir La'Shem and l'Azazel)        NE of Azarah, near Sha'ar 
   Second Viduy (on Par Kohen Gadol)           NW of Azarah, near Ulam   
7) AVODAH IN THE KODESH HA'KODASHIM                                      
   Shechitah of Par Kohen Gadol                                          
   Kabalas ha'Dam, giving Dam to stirrer       4th row of tiles from Ulam
   Chatiyas ha'Gechalim                        Mizbe'ach ha'Chitzon      
   Placing Machtah on fourth row of tiles      between Ulam & Mizbeach(5)
   Chafinah (scooping) of Ketores                                        
   Entering Kodesh Ha'Kodashim with Ketores    Kodesh ha'Kodashim        
   Burning of Ketores in Kodesh ha'Kodashim                              
   Gets blood of the Par from the stirrer      4th row of tiles from Ulam
   First sprinkling of Par's blood             Kodesh Ha'Kodashim        
   Places Par's blood on stand                 Heichal, near Paroches    
   Shechitah of Se'ir La'Shem                  North of Mizbe'ach        
   First sprinkling of Se'ir's blood           Kodesh Ha'Kodashim        
8) REST OF SPRINKLINGS OF BLOOD                                          
   2nd sprinkling of Par's blood (Paroches)    between Paroches-Mizbe'ach
   2nd sprinkling of Se'ir's blood (Paroches)                            
   Mixing of Par's blood with Se'ir's blood                              
   Smearing the mixed blood on Keranos         Mizbe'ach ha'Zahav(6)     
   Sprinkling the blood on top of Mizbe'ach                              
   Pouring remaining blood on                                            
    foundation of Mizbe'ach ha'Chitzon         Mizbe'ach ha'Chitzon      
9) SE'IR HA'MISHTALE'ACH                                                 
   Third Viduy (on Se'ir ha'Mishtale'ach)      near East gate of Azarah  
   Sending the Se'ir ha'Mishtale'ach          "Beis Chidudo"(7)          
    to the wilderness                                                    
10)DISPATCHING BODIES OF THE PAR AND SE'IR                               
   Removal of innards, to be offered later     North of Mizbe'ach        
   Sending the bodies of Par and Se'ir                                   
    to "Shefech ha'Deshen" to be burned        outside of Yerushalayim(3)
11) KERI'AS HA'TORAH                                                     
    Kohen Gadol reads the Torah                Ezras Nashim(8)           
----------------THIRD TEVILAH (changes to "GOLD" garments)---------------
12) THIRD TEVILAH                              Beis ha'Parvah            
    Kidush Yadayim v'Raglayim                                            
    Removal of linen garments                                            
    Tevilah in Mikvah                                                    
    Donning of golden garments                                           
    Kidush Yadayim v'Raglayaim                                           
13) COMPLETION OF MUSAFIM                                                
    Offering of the Se'ir ha'Chitzon(4)        Mizbe'ach ha'Chitzon      
    Ayil of Kohen Gadol and Ayil of People                               
    Offering innards ("Emurim") of Par & Se'ir                           
----------------FOURTH TEVILAH (changes to "WHITE" garments)-------------
14) FOURTH TEVILAH                             Beis ha'Parvah            
    Kidush Yadayim v'Raglayim                                            
    Removal of golden garments                                           
    Tevilah in Mikvah                                                    
    Donning linen garments                                               
    Kidush Yadayim v'Raglayim                                            
15) RETURN TO THE KODESH HA'KODASHIM                                     
    Removal of Kaf u'Machtah                   Kodesh Ha'Kodashim        
----------------FIFTH TEVILAH (changes to "GOLD" garments)---------------
16) FIFTH TEVILAH                              Beis ha'Parvah            
    Kidush Yadayim v'Raglayim                                            
    Final removal of linen garments                                      
    Donning of golden garments                                           
    Kidush Yadayim v'Raglayim                                            
17) COMPLETION OF THE DAY'S AVODAH                                       
    Offering of the afternoon Tamid(9)         Mizbe'ach ha'Chitzon      
    Offering of the Ketores                    Heichal                   
    Lighting of the Menorah                                              
18) LEAVING THE AZARAH                                                   
    Kidush Yadayim v'Raglayim                  Azarah(11)                
    Donning of regular clothes                                           

(1) According to the Rabanan (31b), one Kidush is always done *before removing* holy garments, and another is done *after donning* holy garments. Therefore, the first Kidush is only done after donning the gold garments following the first Tevilah. For every subsequent Tevilah, a Kidush is done *before* removal of the holy garments prior to the Tevilah, and after changing into another set of holy garments following the Tevilah. The tenth Kidush is done before the removal of the gold garments at the end of the Avodah (see #18), and it is not accompanied by a Tevilah (since he is going to be donning his normal, weekday clothing and not Bigdei Kodesh). Rebbi Meir argues and maintains that *two* Kidushim accompany every Tevilah and donning of holy garments. The first is done *after* removing the previous set of garments (whether they are holy or not), prior to the Tevilah, and the second is done *after* donning the new set of holy garments. Therefore, he maintains that two Kidushim accompanied the first Tevilah, one immediately before Tevilah and one after changing into the Bigdei Kodesh, and no Kidush was done upon removing the gold garments at the end of the Avodah, since no holy garments were donned afterwards. (Gemara 31b, Mishnah 34b -- see Chart #9)
(2) This is the opinion of the Rabanan who argue with Aba Shaul (Gemara, 14b), which is the way the Rambam rules. According to Aba Shaul, the Zerikas ha'Dam was done between the Hatavah of the five Neros and the Hatavah of the two Neros, and the Ketores was offered after all of the Neros were lit. (Many Rishonim disagree with the Rambam's ruling and rule like Aba Shaul, which is in fact the way we present the order of the Tamid in the recital of the Korbanos during Shacharis.)
(3) According to Rebbi Shimon (68a), they were burned to the east of Yerushalayim. According to the Rabanan, they were burned to the north of Yerushalayim.
(4) The Musaf Korbanos were comprised of (1) the Ayil (ram) of the People (an Olah), (2) the Ayil of the Kohen Gadol (an Olah), (3) a Par (an Olah), (4-10) seven Kevasim (Olos) and (11) a Se'ir which was offered as a Chatas. This was besides (12-13) the fats of the Se'ir and Par, the blood of which was sprinkled inside the Heichal and Kodesh ha'Kodashim. (According to some Tana'im, another Ayil (an Olah) was offered as well, Yoma 3a.) There are a number of opinions among the Tana'im as to when the various Musaf Korbanos were offered on Yom Kipur (Mishnah and Beraisos, Yoma 70a- b). We have assumed the opinion of Rebbi Akiva (as recorded in the Beraisa), in accordance with the ruling of the Rambam and Rishonim. (According to the Vilna Gaon in Yoma 70b, however, Rebbi Akiva places the Se'ir Chatas of section #13 *after* all the other Musafim, and not before them.) This is also the order assumed in the prayer "Ata Konanta," the Avodah prayer of Nusach Sefard (as edited by the Beis Yosef OC 631, see Insights to Daf 70). Rebbi Eliezer, however, maintains that *no* Musafim were offered in the morning (i.e. section #4 did not exist). Rather, those Musafim were offered at the end of section #13 (according to the Mishnah) or the beginning of section #17 (according to the Beraisa). Some other opinions are recorded in the Gemara (ibid.) as well.
(5) See Insights to 43:1.
(6) See Chart #13, for the exact order of these sprinklings.
(7) The Se'ir was sent with person (usually a Kohen) who was chosen for the task before the start of Yom Kipur (Mishnah 66a, Gemara top of 66b). Beis Chidudo (or, according to the Rambam, Beis Choron) was a point at the edge of the desert, only three Mil from Yerushalayim. According to Rebbi Yehudah (68b), once the Se'ir reaches the beginning of the Midbar, the "Shilu'ach" has been performed (although it still has a long trek until the cliff). At that point, it was permitted to move on to the next part of the Avodah, the reading of the Torah (section #11 above). According to the Tana Kama (Mishnah ibid., and Rashi), the "Shilu'ach" is not finished until the Se'ir reaches the cliff itself ("Tzuk"), which was ten or twelve Milim (~3 hours walk) from Yerushalayim according to the Mishnah and Gemara on 67a.
(8) The reading of the Torah in the Ezras Nashim was done at the same time that the bodies of the Par and Se'ir were burned outside of Yerushalayim (Mishnah 68b).
(9) Same Avodos as in section #3, except that the Chavisim were brought at the end, between the offering of the Ketores and the lighting of the Menorah. The Rishonim disagree as to when the Korban Tamid was offered. We have recorded the opinion of Rashi (Yoma 70a DH u'Par, 70b DH v'Achar Kach) and the Geonim, who assert that the Tamid was offered after the Kohen Gadol's *fifth* Tevilah, as the Beraisa (end of 70a) implies. The Rambam, however (Avodas Yom ha'Kipurim 2:2, based on the Yerushalmi and on a different Girsa in the Beraisa in the Bavli) concludes that the Tamid of the afternoon was offered after the *third* Tevilah (at the end of section #13, above), which is the conclusion of the Ramban (Vayikra 16:32) as well.
(10) The Kohen Gadol's garments were not all made of gold. Rather, the Choshen and Efod had threads of gold woven in along with the wool and linen threads, and the Tzitz was made of pure gold. His other five garments did not contain gold.
(11) Although the Kohen Gadol performed Kidush Yadayim v'Raglayim on Yom Kipur with water from a golden pitcher, and not with the Kiyor itself (Yoma 43b), nevertheless Kidush always had to be performed inside of the Azarah (Zevachim 20b). It would seem that as long as it was in the Azarah, any place was acceptable for performing Kidush Yadayim v'Raglayim, in which case the Kohen Gadol would probably perform the Kidush in the Beis ha'Parvah, along with his Tevilos. (This seems especially clear from the opinion of Rebbi Meir, who required Kidush Yadayim v'Raglayim while the Kohen Gadol was undressed, see footnote #1, and Tosfos Yeshanim 31a DH Poshet.)

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