Quiz on שבת לג


SHABBOS 33 - Dedicated by Ari and Aliza Rosenstein of Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel, in honor of the birth of their son, Menachem Meir, on 8 Iyar 5765. May they and their families see much Nachas from Menachem Meir and watch him grow l'Torah l'Chupah ul'Ma'asim Tovim!


SHABBOS 31, 32, 33 - Dedicated anonymously in honor of the memory of
Hagaon Rav Yisroel Zev [ben Avrohom Tzvi] Gustman Ztz"l
(Vilna-N.Y.-Yerushalayim) and his wife, Sarah bas Hagaon Rav Meir [Bassen] Z'l, who
passed away on 2 Teves.