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Shabbos Chart #16

Shabbos Daf 103b

1) REBBI YOSI Even two scratches(1)
2) TANA KAMA OF OUR MISHNAH Even two Alefs(2)
3) RABAN GAMLIEL Two Gimels or two Shins(3)
4) REBBI YEHUDAH Shin Mem from Shimon(4)
5) REBBI SHIMON The entire word which one intended to write
(1) The Gemara and Beraisa clearly imply that Rebbi Yosi argues with all of the other Tana'im and maintains the strictest opinion to be Mechayev one for writing even two marks (that are not letters). For this reason Rebbi Yosi is Mechayev one who writes with his left hand. [However, the RAMBAM (Perush ha'Mishnayos) writes that Rebbi Yosi is only arguing with the Tana Kama of the Mishnah with regard to whether engraving a mark is an Av Melachah of its own, apart from "writing," or if it is included under the category of writing. Everyone agrees, though, that one is Chayav for making two scratches. This explanation of the Rambam is difficult to understand, as the Bi'ur Halachah (OC 340, DH Mashkin) points out.]
(2) That is, two of the same letters which do not spell out a word, as Rashi writes in his commentary on the Mishnah (see Insights).
(3) That is, two of the same letters which *do* spell out a word. One is Chayav for two such letters even if he intended to write a larger word. The RAMBAM records this opinion in Hilchos Shabbos 11:10.
(4) That is, two *different* letters that spell out a word. One is Chayav even if he intended to write a larger word.

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