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1. If the 20-Amah height of a Sukah is reduced by placing straw on the floor with intent to leave it there, the Sukah is valid.
2. There is a dispute about straw that one placed in the Sukah without having a need to remove it during Sukos.
3. A Sukah with branches of Sechach that hang within ten Tefachim of the ground is invalid.
4. A platform placed in the Sukah can reduce its height.
5. There are cases when the platform is not next to the three walls, but it still can form a valid Sukah.


1. The same applies to earth that is spread on the floor of the Sukah. As long as the person states that he is placing these materials on the floor for the duration of Sukos, the Sukah is valid.
2. When one did not state his intent to leave the straw there for the duration of Sukos, the Rabanan say that the Sukah is not valid, while Rebbi Yosi says that it is valid.
3. This is in accordance with Rava's statement that people do not live in places that are disgusting and uninhabitable.
4. However, the platform must have three walls that are considered connected to it in order for it to form a valid Sukah. Accordingly, if the platform is pushed against three of the walls, the Sukah certainly is valid.
5. For example, if the platform is next to only two of the walls and the other wall is less than four Amos away, the Sukah is valid.

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