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SUKAH 24 (22 Av 5781) - Dedicated in memory of Frumet bas Meier (born Ehrman) of Kiel, Germany and New York, by her nephew, Ze'ev Rosenbaum.


1. There is a dispute about whether a Get written on a live animal is valid.
2. The Gemara explains the sides of the dispute (#3).
3. A man may not divorce his wife by giving money to her.
4. Any conditions in a Get must be temporary.
5. A Sukah that has tree trunks for walls is valid.


1. Rabanan: It is a valid Get. Rebbi Yosi ha'Glili: It is an invalid Get.
2. Rebbi Yosi ha'Glili understands that the Torah calls a Get a "Sefer" in order to teach that just as a Sefer (book, parchment) is not a living being, one may not write a Get on a living being. The Rabanan understand that "Sefer [Kerisus]" merely means words that state that a severance ("Kerisus") is being made between the man and the woman.
3. Although he may marry her in this manner, and the laws of Gitin are often compared to the laws of Kidushin, their laws are not compared in this regard.
4. For example, saying that the Get is valid on condition that the woman does not visit her father's house for thirty days is a valid condition and the Get takes effect. Saying that the Get is valid on condition that she never visit her father's house is an invalid condition, since it ties her permanently to her husband in some way and does not serve to make a complete Kerisus (separation).
5. The Rabanan did not invalidate such a Sukah out of fear that one may come to use the tree on Shabbos or Yom Tov (which itself is prohibited only mid'Rabanan).

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