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1. A Yisrael who eats raw barley of Terumah must pay the Kohen for them, but he does not pay the extra fifth.
2. The Gemara discusses the case of a person who swallowed prunes of Terumah prunes, regurgitated them, and then someone else ate them.
3. If a person accidentally eats and drinks on Yom Kippur at the same time, he is liable for only one Korban Chatas.
4. If a person accidentally eats on Yom Kippur while doing Melachah on Yom Kippur, he is liable for two Korbenos Chatas.
5. If a person eats food that is unfit for consumption or drinks a liquid that is unfit, he is not liable.


1. The Torah law that one must pay an extra fifth for eating Terumah applies only when a Yisrael eats it in a normal manner of eating, but not when he consumes it in an abnormal manner. Eating raw barley is considered abnormal, and therefore he does not pay the extra fifth.
2. The Gemara says that the first person must pay the Kohen the principal and a fifth, because swallowing is considered a normal act of eating. The second person must pay to the first person only the prunes' value as fuel, since they are no longer considered food (since they were already eaten by the first person) and are not the possession of the Kohen (since the first person acquired them when he ate them).
3. This is because eating and drinking are part of a single prohibition.
4. These are two separate prohibitions, and thus one is liable for two separate Chata'os.
5. Rebbi stated that a person who drinks vinegar is liable, because vinegar revives a person. Rav Gidal ruled that this does not apply to undiluted vinegar.

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