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1. Raban Shimon ben Yochai explains why Hashem caused the Man to fall each day.
2. The Gemara gives two other reasons for why the Man fell every day and not once a year.
3. The Gemara explains why wine is called "Yayin" and "Tirosh."
4. One is not allowed to wash himself on Yom Kippur.
5. One may not anoint himself with oil on Yom Kippur.


1. The daily arrival of the Man caused people to continuously pray and strengthen their relationship with Hashem, as they realized that their sustenance -- and that of their wives and children -- depended entirely on Hashem.
2. One reason was so that they would eat it while it was hot. Another reason was so that they should not have to carry a year's supply of Man around with them in the desert.
3. "Yayin" comes from the word "Yelalah," meaning wailing, as people who drink too much wine cause punishments to come to the world, which in turn cause people to wail. "Tirosh" refers to the fact that someone who drinks a lot of wine will become impoverished ("Rash" means poor).
4. Rav Ashi derives this from the wording of the verse in Daniel, "And anoint I did not anoint." If the point was just to say that one may not anoint himself with oil, it should have said simply, "I did not anoint." The extra phrase, "And anoint," includes washing.
5. Anointing one's body with oil is akin to drinking, since the oil becomes absorbed into his body and gives him pleasure.

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