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1. It is not only forbidden to wear Kil'ayim, but it is also forbidden mid'Rabanan to lie down on Kil'ayim.
2. The Rabanan prohibited even lying on Kil'ayim if there was something in between the person and the Kil'ayim.
3. The exception to the prohibition of lying on Kil'ayim is a cloth of hard felt.
4. The Gemara discusses the miracle that happened on "Har Grizim day."
5. When Alexander Mokdon saw Shimon ha'Tzadik, he fell off his horse and bowed to him.


1. According to Torah law, it is permitted to lie down on Kil'ayim, since the prohibition is specifically, "They shall not be place upon you." However, the Rabanan prohibited lying down on Kil'ayim lest one come to fold the Kil'ayim up over his body.
2. Rebbi said in the name of the holy congregation of Jerusalem: Even if there are ten mattresses in between a person and a layer of Kil'ayim, it is forbidden for him to lie on these mattresses.
3. Since the material is unpleasant and does not warm the body, one derives no benefit when he wears it. Accordingly, it is permitted to lie down on it. (Some say that it is permitted even to wear it; see Shulchan Aruch YD 301:2).
4. Alexander Mokdon was persuaded by the Kusim to destroy the Beis ha'Mikdash. Shimon ha'Tzadik went out to greet him, dressed in his priestly garments of the Kohen Gadol, together with other important Jews.
5. This is because he had always seen Shimon ha'Tzadik in his dreams before his successful ventures out to war. In the end, the Kusim were vanquished and Har Grizim, the Kusi site of worship, was razed to the ground.

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