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Water preserves a Mes, and thus if a Mes drowns he may be identified even after three days. (1)
Rebbi Meir: If a man falls into water and disappears, his wife is forbidden to remarry. Chachamim: If the edge of the water can be seen on all four sides, she may remarry.
If Resha'im attack a person, he should lower his head. (2)
If a person witnesses someone fall into a den of lions, he may not testify that he died. (3)
If a person witnesses someone fall into pit of snakes, he may testify that he died. Rebbi Yehudah ben Beseira disagrees. (4)
If a person witnesses someone fall into a furnace or into a vat of hot oil or wine, he may testify that he died. Rebbi Acha maintains that he may not testify in the latter case. (5)
If a person vows that he will not sleep for three days, he is punished with Malkus right away and he may go to sleep.
A Mitzvah in which a Tzadik is involved will not end up being a source of tragedy for him.
The Din of Hashem is very exacting with regard to great Tzadikim.
If one hears women talking about a man's death, the wife may remarry.
If one hears children talking about the details of a man's funeral that they attended, the wife may remarry.
Rebbi Yochanan: A Nochri who says that somebody died is believed only if he mentioned it in a casual conversation.
If a man fell into a large body of water, his wife may not remarry, but b'Di'eved if she does remarry she may stay with her husband.


1. However, if he is wounded, the water will make the wound worse.
2. He should stay low until their attack passes.
3. Sometimes the lions are not hungry and will not eat him.
4. Rebbi Yehudah ben Beseira: It is possible that the person who fell is a snake charmer. Chachamim: Even a snake charmer cannot survive, because when he falls on top of them they will bite him.
5. Rebbi Acha: The splashing wine puts out the fire underneath the vat. Chachamim: The fire goes out only temporarily and eventually starts up again even stronger than before.

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