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If a Ketanah does Mi'un while she is being brought to the Chupah, the Mi'un is valid. (1)
Rebbi Yehudah ben Beseira: If a Ketanah accepts Kidushin or marries someone else, it is regarded as Mi'un. (2)
Rebbi Eliezer: The husband of a Ketanah is not entitled to her Metzi'os or handiwork; he cannot annul her vows and he does not inherit her. (3)
Shmuel: If the Ketanah receives a marriage proposition and turns it down because the suitor is not appropriate, it is regarded as Mi'un.
When a Ketanah does Mi'un, she and her former husband are permitted to marry the relatives of each other.
If the husband gives a Get to a Ketanah, they are prohibited to marry the relatives of each other.
If the husband gives a Get to the Ketanah, they remarry, and then she does Mi'un, they are permitted to the relatives of each other. (4)
If a Ketanah does Mi'un, marries someone else, gets divorced, marries a third time, and then does Mi'un again, she is permitted to return to her first husband. (5)
Ula says that once a Ketanah is divorced three times, she may not return to her original husband from whom she was divorced, even after she does Mi'un. (6)
If the Yevamah was a prohibited as a Sheniyah, and, after her husband died, she married the brother from the father, the Tana'im disagree about whether she may do Mi'un in order to uproot the original marriage of the Sheniyah.


1. Even if she does Mi'un while she is serving guests or while she is retrieving an object from a storekeeper for her husband, the Mi'un is valid.
2. It is regarded as a Mi'un even if she is a Nesu'ah. However, the Chachamim maintain that it is not regarded as Mi'un.
3. If he is a Kohen, he is not allowed to become Tamei for her upon her death. Rebbi Yehoshua disagrees and says that the husband receives all of the rights of an ordinary husband.
4. If she does Mi'un and subsequently he remarries her and gives her a Get, they are prohibited to the relatives of each other.
5. However, she may not return to her second husband who divorced her, even though she did Mi'un to the third husband.
6. This is because once she receives a Get three times, she appears like a Gedolah.

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