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YEVAMOS 104 (1 Elul) - dedicated l'Iluy Nishmas Esther Chaya Rayzel (Friedman) bas Gershon Eliezer (Yahrzeit: 30 Av, Yom Kevurah: 1 Elul) by her daughter and son-in-law, Jeri and Eli Turkel of Raanana, Israel. Esther Friedman was a woman of valor who was devoted to her family and gave of herself unstintingly, inspiring all those around her.


A shoe from an Ir ha'Nidachas and a shoe reserved for Tachrichim are not valid for Chalitzah. (1)
The Tana'im disagree about whether Chalitzah at night is valid. (2)
The Tana'im disagree about whether Chalitzah done with the left shoe is valid.
Nega'im may not be seen by the Kohen at night.
Monetary cases may not be started at night, but may be completed at night.
Chalitzah done in front of two people is invalid, but Rebbi Shimon and Rebbi Yochanan ha'Sandlar permit it. (3)
The Retzi'ah of an Eved Ivri is done to the right ear.
If the Yevamah does Chalitzah and the Rekikah, but they did not read the Parshah, the Chalitzah is valid.
If they read the Parshah and did the Rekikah but not the Chalitzah, it is invalid.
The Tana'im disagree in a case in which they did the Chalitzah and read the Parshah, but they did not do the Rekikah.
The Chalitzah of a deaf- mute is not valid.
The Chalitzah of a Katan is not valid.
The Chalitzah of a mute is not valid. (4)
According to Rebbi, once the Yevamah does the Rekikah, she is no longer permitted to do Yibum.
The Korban may not be eaten until the offering of the Eimurim. However, if the Eimurim are no longer in existence, the Korban may be eaten.
The Shechitah is Mekadesh the bread of the Kivsei Atzeres. (5)


1. These shoes are not used for walking.
2. The dispute is whether Chalitzah is similar to the beginning of Din or to the end of Din.
3. Rebbi Akiva is Machshir an act of Chalitzah that is not done in anyone's presence.
4. Although the reading of the Parshah is not Me'akev, the Yavam and Yevamah must at least be capable of reading the Parshah.
5. Rebbi Eliezer b'Rebbi maintains that both the Shechitah and the Zerikah is Mekadesh the bread of the Kivsei Atzeres.

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