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YEVAMOS 103 (30 Av) - Today's study material has been dedicated by Al and Sophie Ziegler of Har Nof, Yerushalayim, in honor of the Yahrzeit of Al's father, Bernard B. Ziegler - Binyamin Baruch ben Avraham (and Miryam), which occurs on 30 Menachem Av.


If the Yavam is sitting or leaning at the time of the Chalitzah, the Chalitzah is valid.
The Chalitzah of a blind Yavam is valid.
The Chalitzah of a Katan is not valid.
Rebbi Meir: A person may walk outside on Shabbos while wearing an artificial leg. Rebbi Yosi: He may not walk outside with such a leg.
The Yavam must push down his foot at the time of the Chalitzah.
A Yavam whose foot is twisted may not do Chalitzah.
A person with an artificial leg is exempt from the Mitzvah of Aliyah l'Regel.
The wicked Sisera did seven Bi'os on the day of his death at the hands of Yael.
A favor from a Rasha is regarded as bad to a Tzadik. (1)
When the snake was Bo'el Chavah, he contaminated her. (2)
A shoe that is too big or too small or that does not have a heel may not be used for Chalitzah.
The left shoe is valid b'Di'eved for Chalitzah.
If the Chalitzah is done with a shoe that does not belong to the Yavam, it is valid b'Di'eved.
A shoe that is afflicted with Tzara'as is valid b'Di'eved for Chalitzah if it is in a state of Hesger. (3)
A house that is in a state of Hesger conveys Tum'ah from the inside, and if it is in a state of Hechlet it conveys Tum'ah also from the outside. (4)
A cloth afflicted with Tzara'as conveys Tum'ah to the contents of a house, if most of it enters the house.
A large cloth that has the state of Hechlet conveys Tum'ah to the contents of a house as soon as a k'Zayis of the cloth enters into the house.


1. This is derived from Hashem's command to Lavan not to speak to Yakov anything "from good to bad." Even the good words of Lavan are bad for Yakov, because maybe he will mention his Avodah Zarah.
2. When Klal Yisrael stood at Har Sinai, their contamination from the snake was removed. The Nochrim remained contaminated.
3. Rav Papi in the name of Rava: If the shoe is in the state of Hechlet, it is invalid for Chalitzah. Rav Papa in the name of Rava: It is valid b'Di'eved.
4. Both of these convey Tum'ah to anyone who enters the house.

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