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1. If a person requires a certain healing process for eight days, one may start this process on Shabbos.
2. When Shabbos must be desecrated in order for save someone's life, it should be done by a Jew.
3. It is not necessary to ask a Halachic question if one thinks that another Jew's life may be in danger on Shabbos.
4. One should break down a locked door of a room to save a child who is alone and frightened inside on Shabbos.
5. The Gemara says that we utilize the principle of Rov in order to determine the status of a baby whose parents are unknown.


1. This is despite the fact that one technically could start the process on Sunday instead and thereby only need to do the act on one Shabbos instead of two Shabbosos.
2. We do not rely on a Nochri or a child to do so.
3. Rather, he should transgress Shabbos immediately to save him.
4. Since the child's fear may put him in mortal danger, we allow one to break down the door to save him. One need not try other means of calming him first, such as trying to play with him or by making soothing noises from the other side of the door.
5. If the majority of the people in that area are Jews, we assume that the baby is Jewish. However, Shmuel says that this Rov determines his status only with regard to whether we must provide him with support, but not with regard to his lineage (that is, if the baby is a girl, she may not marry a Kohen).

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