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YOMA 35 (5 Sivan) - Dedicated l'Zecher Nishmas Reb Chaim Aryeh ben Aharon Stern Z'L by Shmuel Gut of Brooklyn, N.Y.


1. The Gemara explains why the room used by the Kohen Gadol in the Beis ha'Mikdash was called "Beis ha'Parvah."
2. One has no justification to claim that he was too poor to learn Torah, because Hillel showed that one can be poor and still learn Torah.
3. One has no justification to claim that he was too involved with his possessions to learn Torah, because Rebbi Elazar showed that one can have many possessions and still learn Torah.
4. Yosef did not sin despite the acts of seduction that were done by the wife of Potiphar.
5. The Mishnah discusses how the Kohen Gadol would confess his sins and those of his family while performing the service of his Korban.


1. It was a place built by a warlock named Parvah. (See Tosfos for an additional explanation.)
2. When Hillel did not have enough money to pay for his admission into the Beis Midrash, he would climb the roof and lie on the skylight in order to hear the Torah that was being taught.
3. Even though Rebbi Elazar ben Charsom was extremely rich, owning entire cities, he would spend his days learning Torah.
4. The wife of Potiphar kept herself looking very attractive in the presence of Yosef, she threatened him, and she even paid him a fortune (one thousand silver pieces) to sin with her, and yet he did not give in to her.
5. While leaning his hands on the animal he would say that he and his household had sinned and beg for atonement for those sins, as the verse states, "For on this day He will grant atonement...." Everyone who heard him would answer, "Baruch Shem Kevod.... "

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