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YOMA 29 (28 Iyar) - Dedicated in honor of the birthday of Neti Linzer.


1. Some say that Queen Esther is compared to a deer.
2. Some say that Queen Esther is compared to the dawn.
3. The prayers of the righteous are compared to the horns of a ram.
4. That which is offered during the day is sanctified during the day.
5. The sanctifying done by the vessel (#4) works only to one's disadvantage.


1. Just as a doe is loved by its mate, so Esther was loved by Achashverosh.
2. Just as the dawn is the end of the night, so the miracle of Purim was the last miracle intended to be written as part of the Scriptures.
3. Just as the horns of a ram grow every year, so the prayers of the righteous continue to be heard.
4. In other words, any offering that is brought only during the day (such as flour offerings) is sanctified only when put into a holy vessel during the day (but not at night).
5. In other words, the vessel renders whatever is placed into it fit to become Tamei (if touched by a Tevul Yom) or invalid if it stays overnight.

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