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1. The Gemara quotes a Mishnah in Midos that discusses the four chambers of the Beis ha'Moked in the Beis ha'Mikdash.
2. Rebbi Eliezer ben Yakov is the primary author of Maseches Midos.
3. The "Ezras Nashim" ("women's courtyard") in the Beis ha'Mikdash was 135 square Amos.
4. All of the walls of Har ha'Bayis were exceptionally tall, except for one.
5. The Gemara discusses the measurements of the Azarah in great detail.


1. The Lechem ha'Panim were made in the southeastern chamber. The stones of the Mizbe'ach that were rendered unusable by the Greeks (who offered sacrifices to idols on them) were stored in the northeastern chamber.
2. The Gemara quotes various proofs to this effect, such as the statement of Rebbi Eliezer ben Yakov in Midos, "I forgot what this was used for," implying that he had stated everything in the Mishnah aside from this, which he forgot.
3. It had four chambers, one in each corner. The southeast chamber was where the Nezirim would have their hair cut, which they would throw into the fire that was cooking the Korban.
4. The exception was the eastern wall. It was short in order to enable the Kohen to see the opening of the Heichal as he sprinkled the blood of the Parah Adumah in its direction.
5. It was one 187 Amos long, and 135 Amos wide.

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