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1. The Gemara discusses the ten extra Menoros that Shlomo ha'Melech made.
2. There is a dispute about whether the ten Menoros of Shlomo ha'Melech were lit every day or whether they were not lit at all.
3. The Mishnah discusses the purpose of the thirteen boxes in the Beis ha'Mikdash.
4. The Mishnah discusses how much of something one must bring if he pledges to give it to the Beis ha'Mikdash without mentioning how much.
5. There were six boxes for donating leftover money from Korbanos.


1. Five were placed on the right side of the original Menorah, and five were placed on the left side.
2. These Menoros were made from 1,000 Kikar of gold which had been refined until they became pure gold.
3. For example, one was for the new Shekalim used for that year's Korbanos. Another one was for Shekalim given by people who did not bring their Shekalim the previous year and were now paying their debt.
4. For example, if someone pledges to bring wood, he must bring the amount of wood used to make a fire on the Mizbe'ach.
5. In other words, if a person pledged a certain amount of money to bring an Olah and he bought it for less, he places the rest of the money into the box labeled "Olah."

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