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1. There is an argument regarding how one creates a “Veses b’Dilug” – “suspected time involving a skipping of days.”
2. The Gemara originally thinks that this argument is similar to a another argument regarding a woman whose husbands die.
3. The Mishnah discusses when the blood seen by a very young girl who is newly married is considered Nidah blood.
4. The Mishnah discusses how long a newlywed is originally permitted to her husband.
5. There is an argument regarding a new couple that has relations without seeing blood, but they see blood the second time.


1. A Veses b’Dilug refers to a woman who menstruates, for example, on the fifteenth of one month, the sixteenth of the next month, the seventeenth of the month after that etc. Rav says she must suspect that she will be impure on the eighteenth of the next month and so on. Shmuel says she only must suspect the nineteenth of the month after that month and so on (without worrying about the eighteenth of the previous month, unlike the opinion of Rav).
2. Rebbi: If a woman married a husband who then died, and she then married a different man who also died, she should not marry again. Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel: She is only prohibited from remarrying if this happens to three husbands.
3. Beis Shamai: Since it is not yet time for her to see Nidah blood, we allow her to be with her husband for the first four nights of their marriage, after which any blood is deemed Nidah blood. Beis Hillel: As long as it is apparent that the wound has not healed, we allow her to be with her husband, as this is presumed to be the source of the blood.
4. Beis Shamai: She is given the first night. Beis Hillel: She is given four nights, until Motzei Shabbos (see Gemara regarding the explanation of Beis Hillel’s statement).
5. Rebbi Chanina: She is impure, as the fact that there was no blood the first time indicates there is no blood due to the relations, and this second time must be Nidah blood. Rav Asi: She is pure, as the first time must have been done in a way that did not cause a wound. Shmuel states that this can be done.

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