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1. Tana'im disagree about when a woman may presume that a bloodstain on her garment is from a Nochris who borrowed her clothing and then returned it.
2. Tana'im disagree about when a woman may presume that the bloodstain is from a Jewess who borrowed her clothing.
3. All agree that there are times, aside from Nidah days, when we can presume it came from the borrower.
4. If three women slept in the same bed and blood was found underneath one of them, they are all ruled impure.
5. If some women (in #4) had a status of not seeing blood, they can presume the blood was from their friend.


1. Tana Kama: She may make such an assumption only if the Nochris was seeing blood at the time she borrowed the garment. Rebbi Meir: She may presume it was from the Nochris even if the Nochris was merely old enough to see blood.
2. Raban Shimon ben Gamliel: One may presume that the bloodstain is from a woman who borrowed the clothing even on the second day of her status of Shomeres Yom, or a woman who counted seven clean days but did not yet become Tahor. Rebbi: One cannot presume it is from these women, and therefore both women are deemed impure.
3. For example, a Shomeres Yom on her first day when she actually saw blood, a woman after birth (even though she is in the days when her blood is ruled pure), and a virgin can be presumed to be the source of the bloodstain.
4. However, if one of them checked herself immediately after the blood was found and found herself to be impure, the other two are considered pure.
5. For example, if one of the women is pregnant (and therefore has a status of not seeing blood), she can presume the blood is from her friend who is not pregnant.

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