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1. The Gemara discusses the case of a woman who sees blood on alternate days. The first day she sees blood, and the second day she does not, the third day she does, etc.
2. The Gemara continues to discuss the law of women with various types of cycles.
3. The Mishnah differentiates between items that are Tamei whether wet or dry, and those that are Tamei only when wet.
4. If the items that are Tamei only when wet can be made wet again by soaking, they remain Tamei even while dry.
5. The Gemara gives the source for the opinion that Nidah blood is Tamei both when wet and when dry.


1. According to Torah law, she may immerse immediately after the 7th day. She is considered Tahor on the 8th day, but she is a Shomeres Yom on the 9th day, and so on until the 19th day when she becomes a Nidah again. Consequently, such a woman is available to her husband 5 out of every 18 nights (the 8th, 10th, 12th, 14th, and 16th nights of her cycle).
2. A woman who sees blood for three days and then is clean for three days may never have relations with her husband except for the first two days of her first Nidah cycle. She is unable to have seven clean days to remove her status of a Zavah (which she attains after those two days, due to her seeing blood three days consecutively during her Zavah days).
3. Nidah blood and the flesh of a corpse are Tamei whether in wet or solid form, as opposed to emissions of a Zav, a dead Sheretz, Neveilah, and Keri, which are Tamei only when wet (they have moisture) as opposed to when they are dried up.
4. Tana Kama: This means that they will regain their texture if they are soaked in lukewarm water for 24 hours.
5. This is derived from the verse, "veha'Davah b'Nidasah," which teaches that it is Tamei when wet, and from the verse, "Yiheyeh," which implies that even when it is dry it is Tamei.

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