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1. The pains of childbirth of a woman having a girl are usually more difficult than those of a woman having a boy.
2. The Gemara discusses having relations during pregnancy.
3. There are three partners in the creation of a person: Hashem, the father, and the mother.
4. A woman who gives birth must offer a Korban Chatas.
5. The Gemara explains why a man actively pursues a woman for marriage, and a woman does not actively pursue a man.


1. While every fetus begins its development face down, a boy is born that way while a girl turns over in order to be born face up. The extra turning causes the extra pain.
2. During the first trimester, it is harmful for the child and for the woman. During the second trimester, it is harmful for the woman but good for the child. During the third trimester, it is good for both the woman and the child.
3. The father contributes the bones, sinews, nails, brain, and the white of the eyes. The mother contributes the skin, flesh, hair, and pupils of the eyes. Hashem gives the child his or her Neshamah and everything else.
4. She is obligated to bring a Korban Chatas because while giving birth she swore not to be with her husband anymore. Therefore, she must bring a Chatas for her Shevu'as Bituy.
5. The way of the world is that a person who loses something looks for what he has lost, and the lost object does not look for its owner. Similarly, man who lost his rib (Adam's rib was taken and made into Chavah) should look for it (i.e. the woman), and not the other way around.

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