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NIDAH 2 (2 Sivan) - This Daf has been dedicated in memory of Harry Bernard Zuckerman, Baruch Hersh ben Yitzchak (and Miryam Toba), by his children and sons-in-law.


1. The Mishnah discusses exactly when a woman is deemed Teme'ah when she examines and finds Dam.
2. This argument (see #1) does not apply to a woman who has a permanent pattern for becoming Teme'ah.
3. The suspicion of previous Tum'ah does not impact a woman's counting of Nidah days.
4. The Gemara explains the reasoning of the opinions discussed above (see #1).
5. The Gemara asks how these opinions can be reconciled with the Mishnayos that discuss similar cases, such as a Mikvah found to be lacking the minimum Shi'ur of 40 Se'ah.


1. Shamai: She is considered Teme'ah from the time that she examines and finds Dam. Hillel: She is deemed Teme'ah from the last time that she examined herself and found that she was Tehorah, even if this means that she now becomes Teme'ah retroactively, from many days before her present examination. Chachamim: She is considered Teme'ah either from 24 hours before her examination, or from the last time she examined, whichever is most recent.
2. Everyone agrees that she is not considered Teme'ah from before the time she expects to become Teme'ah.
3. Although some opinions (see #1) are concerned that the woman was Teme'ah even before she found Dam, she considers the start of the time that she is a Nidah based on the day that she sees Dam, not from the time that we are concerned that she became Teme'ah.
4. Shamai: Since she finds Dam only now, we should consider her previous status of Tehorah to be in effect until now. Hillel: her previous status of Tehorah is not an ordinary state of Tehorah, since the Tum'ah emerges from her own body on a constant basis.
5. For example, the Mishnah in Mikva'os (2:2) discusses the case of a Mikvah that was found to be lacking 40 Se'ah, and we do not know when this lack occurred. The Gemara asks how Shamai will explain this Mishnah, which states that all vessels that were immersed in the Mikvah (at a time when it might have been lacking 40 Se'ah) are considered Tamei.

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