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1. The Beraisa cites many laws that are measured by units of entire years, as opposed to a general number of years.
2. The Rabanan say that when a girl sees a physical sign of adulthood at the appropriate age, she is certainly an adult.
3. The Beraisa explains how we know that the sign of pubic hairs applies to a woman just as it applies to a man.
4. The Beraisa explains that quick development of signs of adulthood depends on one's lifestyle.
5. The Beraisa discusses who is to check whether a girl has reached adulthood if the question arises.


1. In other words, the count of the year is based on when the event starts, and not based on when the beginning of the next calendar year occurs. These topics include: one-year-old Kodshim, the year for Batei Arei Chomah, the two years of a Sedeh Achuzah, and others.
2. They understand that whether this sign manifests itself in the upper body or in the lower body, she is certainly considered an adult. Even if no hairs are apparent, the maturation of the upper body is a sign that the hairs were present and they fell off (unlike Rebbi Meir).
3. This is derived from the verse, "If a man or woman will do any of the sins of man," teaching that we compare a woman to a man for all punishments mentioned by the Torah. Since a man is established to be an adult by the hairs on his lower body, so is a woman.
4. For example, Raban Shimon ben Gamliel says that girls from villages would often have signs of womanhood in their upper body before their lower body because they often grind flour.
5. The Beraisa begins by saying that Rebbi Eliezer and Rebbi Yishmael would have their wives check for these signs. However, the Beraisa quotes other opinions that state that women are not always believed to check for these signs.

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