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1. The Mishnah describes how the Korban Pesach is roasted.
2. The Gemara explains why a metal spit may not be used.
3. On the night of Pesach, one is not allowed to eat an animal roasted whole.
4. One is permitted to stuff an animal or chicken before it is roasted.
5. Rav Acha and Ravina often argued in matters of Halachah.


1. A spit of pomegranate wood is imbedded through the Korban Pesach (after the service of the Korban has been finished). There is a dispute about whether it is put through the mouth into the animal, or above the mouth and through the animal. (In both cases, it obviously comes out the other side.)
2. This is because the Korban is supposed to be roasted by fire. If a metal spit is used, the spit will become very hot and contribute to the roasting.
3. However, if a limb is cut off before the animal is roasted, it is permitted, according to Halachah. The custom, however, is to prohibit eating such an animal as well.
4. It is permitted even if the animal was salted only enough to be prepared for roasting.
5. The Gemara says that we generally rule according to Ravina, who was lenient in his rulings. In the three cases where Rav Acha was lenient, we rule according to him.

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