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1. The Gemara explains why a person is liable for slaughtering a Korban Pesach on Shabbos for people who are not going to eat it.
2. If a person mistakenly slaughters an animal with a blemish in its eye on Shabbos, he is liable.
3. The Gemara discusses a Korban slaughtered on Shabbos that was found to be a Tereifah.
4. If someone accidentally slaughters a Korban Chatas on Shabbos outside the Beis ha'Mikdash for idolatry, he offers three Chata'os.
5. Some Korbanos are burned (not on the Mizbe'ach) once it is discovered that they are disqualified from being offered on the Mizbe'ach.


1. Even though there is an opinion that ruining an animal (or other living being) by cutting it does not incur liability for desecrating Shabbos (because the act was destructive, and not productive), as, in this case the person is liable. By slaughtering the animal, he enabled it to be left on the Mizbe'ach if it is accidentally placed there, and it does not have to be removed (and thus his act indeed was productive).
2. According to Rebbi Akiva, there is a certain type of blemish known as "Dokin she'b'Ayin" that does not prevent a Korban that was slaughtered to be placed on the Mizbe'ach (even though it is certainly forbidden to be slaughtered in the first place).
3. If the disqualifying blemish was found inside the animal (such as on the lungs), the person who slaughtered it is exempt. If the blemish was on the outside (such as in the eye), he is liable.
4. He is liable for desecrating Shabbos as well, because his act is productive in that it removes the animal from the prohibition of Ever Min ha'Chai.
5. For example, if a Kohen has a thought of Pigul or leaves over meat of a Korban beyond its designated time, it is burned immediately.

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