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PESACHIM 58 (16 Adar) - dedicated by Avi Berger of in memory of his father, Reb Pinchas ben Reb Avraham Yitzchak, on the day of his Yahrzeit.


1. The Korban Tamid is usually offered 8 1/2 hours into the day, and it is completed by 9 1/2 hours into the day.
2. If Erev Pesach falls on Erev Shabbos, the Korban Tamid is offered two hours earlier.
3. The Gemara explains that the time of the offering of the Korban Tamid is based on the verse, "Bein ha'Arbayim."
4. The first thing that is burned on the fire on the Mizbe'ach every morning is the morning Korban Tamid.
5. The last thing that is burned on the Mizbe'ach every day is the afternoon Korban Tamid.


1. On Erev Pesach, the Korban Tamid is offered an hour earlier to allow time for the bringing of the Korban Pesach.
2. This is in order to ensure that everyone has enough time to roast the Korban Pesach before Shabbos.
3. Rebbi Yehoshua ben Levi: The word "Erev" can mean when it gets close to evening -- that is, after midday -- and it can also mean nightfall. Accordingly, "Bein ha'Arbayim" means that the Korban Tamid should be completed "between the Erevs," or nine 9 1/2 hours into the day (out of a 12-hour day), with one hour given for the beginning of the process (slaughtering, etc.).
4. The verse that discusses the making of the fire on the Mizbe'ach states, "And the Olah will be placed upon it," referring to the first Olah of the day, the Korban Tamid.
5. This is derived from the verse, "And you shall burn upon it the fats of the Shelamim." Rava explains that this verse does not mean literally a Korban Shelamim, but rather the last scheduled Korban to complete the day, which is the afternoon Korban Tamid.

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