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PESACHIM 55 (8 Elul) - Dedicated in memory of Esther Miryam bas Harav Chaim Zev and her husband Harav Refael Yisrael ben Harav Moshe (Snow), whose Yahrzeits are 7 Elul and 8 Elul respectively. Sponsored by their son and daughter in law, Moshe and Rivka Snow.


1. The Gemara discusses the argument between Raban Shimon ben Gamliel and the Rabanan regarding "Yuhara."
2. The Mishnah discusses whether one may do Melachah on the night of the fourteenth of Nisan.
3. The Chachamim list three professionals who may perform their jobs may in any place before Chatzos on the fourteenth of Nisan.
4. One is allowed to make a hen sit on an egg on the fourteenth of Nisan.
5. The Mishnah discusses six innovative things that were done by the people of Yericho.


1. Both say that one may not act haughty ("Yuhara") in certain cases. For example, the Rabanan say that one should not refrain from Melachah on Tish'ah b'Av if he is not a Torah scholar, since by refraining from Melachah he will look arrogant.
2. Beis Shamai: It is forbidden. Beis Hillel: It is permitted.
3. They are: Tailors, barbers, and launderers.
4. Similarly, one is allowed to return a chicken to the coop if it runs away.
5. The Chachamim protested three of these things, and they did not protest the other three.

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