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PESACHIM 54 (7 Elul) - Dedicated in memory of Esther Miryam bas Harav Chaim Zev and her husband Harav Refael Yisrael ben Harav Moshe (Snow), whose Yahrzeits are 7 Elul and 8 Elul respectively. Sponsored by their son and daughter in law, Moshe and Rivka Snow.


1. One makes a blessing over fire after Shabbos and after Yom Kippur.
2. The blessing for fire is said after Yom Kippur on a fire that was lit before Yom Kippur.
3. The Gemara discusses when various fires were originally created.
4. The Gemara cites the Mishnah that says that ten things were created during twilight before the first Shabbos.
5. The Gemara says that there are seven things that are kept hidden from the knowledge of people.


1. We recite this blessing on Motza'i Yom Kippur as well, because fire was forbidden the entire day, and thus it is considered a new entity. The Gemara concludes that this is how we act in practice.
2. The blessing over fire after Shabbos may be made on any fire.
3. The Gemara says that the fire of Gehinom was created on Monday. Hashem considered creating our (worldly) fire on Erev Shabbos but instead decided that it be created after Shabbos.
4. Among them were the well of Miriam, the Man, rainbows, and the grave of Moshe Rabeinu.
5. Among these things are when a person will be comforted and when he will die.

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