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PESACHIM 47 (30 Av) - Today's study material has been dedicated by Al and Sophie Ziegler of Har Nof, Yerushalayim, in honor of the Yahrzeit of Al's father Bernard B. Ziegler, Binyamin Baruch ben Avraham (and Miryam), which occurs on 30 Menachem Av.


1. The Lechem ha'Panim (showbreads) are eaten on the ninth, tenth, or eleventh day after they are baked.
2. The Lechem ha'Panim may not be baked on Yom Tov.
3. The Shtei ha'Lechem are eaten on the second or third day after they are baked.
4. The Gemara explains why the Shtei ha'Lechem would not be eaten on the day they are baked.
5. The Gemara explains why a person who cooks the Gid ha'Nasheh in milk on Yom Tov and eats it receives five sets of lashes.


1. Usually, they are baked on Friday and eaten on Shabbos. However, if Friday is a Yom Tov, then they are baked the day before. If Thursday and Friday are Rosh Hashanah, then they are baked on Wednesday.
2. Even though baking on Yom Tov is permitted for the purpose of the Shabbos immediately after Yom Tov, baking is not permitted for food that will be eaten only on the following Shabbos (the Shabbos that is a week after the Shabbos that is immediately after Yom Tov).
3. They are usually baked on Erev Shavuos and eaten on Shavuos. If Shabbos is right before Shavuos, they are baked on Erev Shabbos and eaten on Shavuos.
4. That is, the Gemara explains why they are not simply baked on Shavuos and eaten on Shavuos, as it would seem one certainly is allowed to bake on Yom Tov for consumption on Yom Tov.
5. One explanation is that it is due to the prohibitions against: Cooking a Gid ha'Nasheh on Yom Tov, eating a Gid ha'Nasheh, cooking milk and meat together, eating milk and meat that was cooked together, and for lighting an unnecessary fire.

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