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PESACHIM 22 (10 Shevat) - Dedicated by Hagaon Rav Yosef Pearlman of London, England, in memory of his father in law, Harav Yeshayah ben Rav David Chaim Goldberg Z"L, who passed away on 10 Shevat 5738.


1. The Gemara relates Rebbi Avahu's source (for the opinion of Rebbi Yehudah) that it is forbidden to benefit from any item that the Torah forbids one from eating.
2. One is permitted to benefit from the Gid ha'Nasheh, according to Rebbi Avahu.
3. One may not enable a Nochri to perform something that the Nochri is prohibited from doing mid'Oraisa.
4. Shimon ha'Amsoni used to expound the word "Es" wherever it appears in the Torah.
5. Rebbi Akiva said that the word "Es" in the verse, "Es Hashem Elokecha Tira," includes Torah scholars.


1. The verse states regarding Neveilah, "You should throw it to the dogs." The implication is that one may throw only Neveilah to the dogs and thereby benefit from it, but not other items that are forbidden to be eaten.
2. Rebbi Avahu understands that when the Torah permits benefiting from a Neveilah, it also permits benefiting from the Gid ha'Nasheh that could be inside a piece of Neveilah.
3. Accordingly, one may not give an Ever Min ha'Chai to a Nochri who wants to eat it.
4. He stopped when he came to the verse, "Es Hashem Elokecha Tira," as he could not include anything else that must be feared like Hashem. He realized this "Es" was not meant to be expounded, so he understood that all of his previous derivations from all other words "Es" were incorrect.
5. According to his opinion, one may expound any word "Es" in the Torah.

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