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1. The water and the blood in the Azarah are Tahor to a certain extent.
2. There is a dispute about to what extent this (#1) applies.
3. The Gemara explains the argument between Rav and Shmuel (#2).
4. The Gemara asks a compelling question on Shmuel's statement.
5. Not only is the blood in the Beis ha'Mikdash Tahor, it cannot serve (as a "Mashkeh") to make other things fit to become Tamei.


1. This proves that Tum'ah from liquids is mid'Rabanan, because if the Tum'ah would be mid'Oraisa the Rabanan would not be able to declare that the liquids in the Mikdash are Tahor.
2. Rav: They are totally Tahor and do not make other items Tamei. Shmuel: They may become Tamei themselves, but they do not render other items Tamei.
3. Rav: The law that liquids are Tamei and the law that they have the ability to make other items Tamei are both mid'Rabanan. The Rabanan did not apply these laws in the case of the blood and water in the Beis ha'Mikdash. Shmuel: That liquid can be Tamei d'Oraisa. Therefore, the Rabanan could not change the status of the blood and water which have become Tamei themselves (as opposed to when they make other things Tamei, in which case the second item's Tum'ah is only mid'Rabanan).
4. The verse says, "And the meat that will touch anything that is Tamei may not be eaten." If the liquids are Tamei according to Torah law, then the meat that touches them must be rendered Tamei according to Torah law!
5. While other liquids that touch a food item render that item fit to become Tamei, the blood in the Beis ha'Mikdash does not do even that. This is derived from the verse, "On the land you should spill it (the blood) like water," implying that liquids that are not spilled like water (i.e. the blood of Korbanos that must be received in a vessel) cannot render an item fit to become Tamei.

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