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1. Yosef hid three treasures in Egypt.
2. The Gemara explains who said the verses of "Odecha," "Even," "Me'es," and "Zeh" (said towards the end of Hallel).
3. If the custom in a place is to say each verse of Hallel twice, it is a valid custom.
4. Hashem will make a festive meal for the righteous when He redeems Bnei Yisrael in the future.
5. David ha'Melech will lead the Birkas ha'Mazon at this meal (#4).


1. One treasure was found by Korach, one was found by Antoninus, and one will be found in the future by the righteous.
2. The verses refer to the appointment of David as King of Yisrael. David ha'Melech said "Odecha," Yishai (his father) said "Even," David's brothers said "Me'es," and Shmuel said the verse of "Zeh."
3. Rebbi's custom was to say certain verses twice (and this is our custom today).
4. The Gemara relates that other righteous people will refuse to lead the Birkas ha'Mazon due to various things that they did which they considered to have been improper, such as Yakov having married two sisters.
5. David will say that it is fitting that he should lead the Birkas ha'Mazon, as the verse states in Tehilim, "Kos Yeshu'os Esa uv'Shem Hashem Ekra."

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