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PESACHIM 11 - The Daf for Shabbos Parshas Va'era 5766 has been sponsored by Reb Avrohom and Leah Farber of Lawrence N.Y., in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of their son Moshe which will be celebrated this Shabbos in Yerushalayim. May Moshe grow in Torah and Yiras Shamayim, and follow in the ways of his illustrious ancestors.


1. Abaye: There is a difference between how people relate to Chadash and how they relate to Chametz when they are prohibited.
2. There is a dispute about the status of Chametz on Erev Pesach.
3. Rebbi Yehudah discusses a special sign that was made so that the people would know when to stop eating Chametz on Erev Pesach.
4. Raban Gamliel agrees Rebbi Yehudah (#1 and #2) but with a slight difference.
5. The Gemara explains that the dispute (see #1) is based on how much people tend to err in telling time.


1. People are more likely to stay away from Chadash, which is forbidden for a long time, than to stay away from Chametz, which is permitted most of the year.
2. Rebbi Meir: One may eat Chametz the entire fifth hour, and must burn it at the beginning of the sixth hour. Rebbi Yehudah: One may eat Chametz the entire fourth hour, he may not eat it during the fifth hour, and must burn it at the beginning of the sixth hour.
3. Two Pasul Lachmei Todah were placed prominently on Har ha'Bayis. When the time to stop eating Chametz arrived, one of the loaves was removed. When the time to burn Chametz arrived, the last loaf was removed.
4. Raban Gamliel maintains that during the fifth hour, one (a Kohen) may still eat Chametz that is Terumah.
5. There is a similar dispute in the case of witnesses who testify about an event, and one says that it happened three hours into the day and the other says that it happened five hours into the day. According to one opinion, this is too much of a discrepancy, and their testimony is invalid. Rebbi Yehudah says that their testimony is valid.

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