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1. One preferably should not use a cup of wine for Kidush or Havdalah if someone drank from the wine beforehand.
2. The Gemara cites the source for the Torah commandment to recite Kidush at night.
3. There is also a Mitzvah d'Rabanan to recite Kidush over wine during the day.
4. One may recite Havdalah until Tuesday night.
5. However, one may not recite the blessing on fire after Motza'i Shabbos.


1. The Gemara discusses whether this refers only to wine from which someone drank when it was already in the cup, or even to wine from which someone drank from the jug or barrel before it was poured into the cup.
2. The verse, "Remember the Shabbos day l'Kadsho (to sanctify it)," implies that one must recite Kidush. The Gemara extends this to mean Kidush on wine.
3. One fulfills this Mitzvah by reciting the blessing of "Borei Pri ha'Gafen" on a cup of wine before his meal. He does not recite a special blessing for Kidush as is done at night.
4. Similarly, the Gemara says that with regard to a Get, "after Shabbos" refers to Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday, whereas "before Shabbos" refers to Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.
5. The blessing on fire is recited because fire was created on Motza'i Shabbos. Therefore, the blessing is recited only on Motza'i Shabbos.

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