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1. The Gemara explains that according to Rav, one should recite Kidush in his home so that the members of his family will fulfill their obligation to recite Kidush.
2. The Gemara explains why Kidush is recited in the synagogue according to Shmuel.
3. Shmuel understands that if one recited Kidush in a room in a house, he may eat the meal in a different room.
4. Rabah generally followed Rav's rulings over the rulings of Shmuel, with the exception of three cases.
5. The Gemara discusses the case of a person who leaves his place after reciting a blessing on food.


1. Even though he has already fulfilled his obligation of Kidush by hearing the Kidush recited in the synagogue, he must say Kidush at home so that his family will fulfill the Mitzvah of Kidush.
2. Shmuel understands that Kidush in the synagogue is only for guests who will be eating in the synagogue itself after Kidush. These people fulfill their obligation of Kidush because they eat where the Kidush has been recited.
3. However, he may not eat in another house to fulfill the requirement that Kidush be in the place of the meal.
4. This rule applies only to Rav's stringent rulings, not to his lenient rulings.
5. If he wants to continue eating the same type of food in another place or after he comes back to his original place, he must recite another blessing. Rav Sheshes says that this applies to all foods. Rav Chisda says that the second blessing needs to be recited only when the food is not the type of food that requires an after-blessing (Berachah Acharonah) in the place where he ate it.

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