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1. If, after offering a Korban Pesach, the animal or its blood became Tamei, one does not bring a Korban Pesach Sheni.
2. However, if the owner of the Korban was Tamei before the blood was sprinkled, he must bring a Korban Pesach Sheni.
3. The question arises whether the above law (#2) applies only when the Kohen offering the Korban did not know about the Tum'ah.
4. The Mishnah says that the Tzitz atones for "Tum'as ha'Tehom" (Tum'ah caused by a corpse "in "the depths.")
5. There is a dispute about whether we slaughter and sprinkle the blood of a Korban Pesach belonging to someone who is Tamei from contact with a Sheretz.


1. The Tzitz atones for the Tum'ah and the owner is considered to have fulfilled his obligation of bringing a Korban Pesach.
2. This is because the Tzitz atones only if the meat or blood becomes Tamei, but not if the owner becomes Tamei.
3. The Gemara concludes that even if the Kohen knew that the Korban or its blood became Tamei and he transgressed and offered it anyway, the Korban is valid and the owner does not have to offer a Korban Pesach Sheni.
4. This refers to a case where the person offering the Korban discovers that he had walked over a place where, deep in the ground, a corpse was buried. The presence of this grave was not known to anyone until after he offered the Korban.
5. Some say that we do offer his Korban, since he will be able to eat it on Pesach night after immersing in a Mikvah during the day.

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