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1. Korbenos Tzibur, public offerings, override Shabbos and Tum'ah.
2. There is a dispute about whether, when a Korban may be offered in a state of Tum'ah, whether it overrides Tum'ah or whether Tum'ah becomes entirely permitted in such a case.
3. There is a dispute about whether the Tzitz atones even when it is not being worn by the Kohen Gadol.
4. There is a dispute about whether the Tzitz atones for sacrificial meat that becomes Tamei.
5. There is a dispute about whether the blood of a Korban is sprinkled on the Mizbe'ach when its meat has been destroyed or invalidated.


1. This includes all public animal Korbanos, as well as the Korban ha'Omer, Shtei ha'Lechem, and the offering brought with them.
2. The difference is whether the Kohen Gadol must wear the Tzitz to atone for bringing these Korbanos while Tamei, which is the case if the Korban merely overrides Tum'ah. If, however, the law is that Tum'ah becomes entirely permitted when there is no other option for the public Korban, it does not require atonement.
3. If a Korban is offered in a state of Tum'ah when the Kohen Gadol is not wearing the Tzitz, Rebbi Shimon rules that the Tzitz still atones for the Korban. Rebbi Yehudah says that it does not.
4. Everyone agrees that the Tzitz atones for a Korban offered in a state of Tum'ah, so that the blood is considered valid for sprinkling. The dispute is whether it causes the Tamei meat eaten by the Kohanim to be considered as though it was not Tamei (and the Kohanim did not sin by eating it).
5. Rebbi Yehoshua: Both valid blood and meat must be extant during the sprinkling. Rebbi Eliezer: Even if all of the meat of the Korban is invalid (for example, it was taken out of its designated area before the sprinkling of the blood), it does not prevent a valid sprinkling of blood from being performed.

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