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1. King Chizkiyah did six innovative things. The Chachamim approved of three of them.
2. They disapproved of three other innovative things that Chizkiyah did.
3. The Gemara explains why we say the verse, "Baruch Shem.," in Shema even though it is not written in the Torah.
4. The Gemara explains why "Baruch Shem." is said in an undertone.
5. The Gemara explains how we know which crops are obligated in Pe'ah.


1. They approved of his act of dragging the body of his wicked father (Achaz) through the streets, his destroying of the copper serpent made by Moshe Rabeinu, and his hiding of the Book of Cures.
2. He cut off the doors of the Heichal and sent them to the king of Ashur, he closed up the upper waters of Gichon, and he established a leap year during the beginning of Nisan (turning it into Adar Sheni).
3. Yakov Avinu said this to his children on his deathbed, after they said the Shema, in order to thank Hashem that all of his children were righteous.
4. Even though it was said by Yakov Avinu in response to Shema, it was not stated in the Torah by Moshe Rabeinu. Therefore, it should be said quietly, in order to differentiate between what is said in the Torah and what is not said in the Torah.
5. Any food that grows from the ground that people guard, is harvested at one time, and is kept in storage for a long time is obligated in Pe'ah.

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