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1. The Gemara explains why the Mishnah lists different types of dishes that contain Chametz.
2. Women are obligated to eat Matzah on the first night of Pesach.
3. Rebbi Avahu: When the Torah forbids eating a certain amount of a forbidden item, one is liable only when the minimum amount that he eats contains one hundred per cent of that item.
4. Rebbi Avahu: The exception to this rule (#3) is a Nazir's prohibition against consuming wine.
5. Ze'iri: Another exception to this rule (#3) is Se'or.


1. The Mishnah does so in order that people will realize that dishes with these names, such as Kutach, may contain Chametz.
2. This is derived from the verse that discusses eating Matzah and not eating Chametz. Anyone who is commanded not to eat Chametz is also commanded to eat Matzah on the first night of Pesach.
3. For example, if one eats half a k'Zayis of forbidden fat and half a k'Zayis of permitted meat together, he is not liable.
4. If a Nazir eats half a k'Zayis of bread soaked in half a k'Zayis of wine, he is liable. This is because the verse states, "Any soaking of wine he should not drink."
5. If one combines half a k'Zayis of Se'or with half a k'Zayis of Matzah and burns the mixture as a flour offering, he transgresses the prohibition against burning Se'or as an offering in the Beis ha'Mikdash.

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